Saturday, December 22, 2012

X-Factor 2 Fashion

Paige Thomas auditioning for X-Factor and her little girl on stage with her. 

Emblem 3 (all of the are so hot) taking a photo shoot for X-Factor 2.

Fifth Harmony setting the stage on fire with their great singing voices. 

Demi Lovato (judge on the X-factor) has on a beautiful LBD with sequin dress. You can wear that dress for the holidays. 

L.A. Reid (Judge on X-Factor) had his great run on there for season 2, but not be back for season  3. Who do you think will replace him on the show? 

This was an amazing performance from all of the members that were X-Factor sung a beautiful song of the 26 children and adults that got kill in CT. RIP 

Fifth Harmony with the pretty LWD's on stage. 

Tate winning the X-factor of season 2.

Lyric 145 bringing back the 90's fashion. 

I wish Lyric 145 would have been in the final three, but hopefully I hope all three of them com back next year. 

Tate singing his heart out. 

Pagie's White Gown was so beautiful and I hope she comes back to audition for X-Factor season 3. 

Fifth Harmony rocking the 1980's party outfits on Season 2 of X-Factor. 

It's party time with Fifth Harmony.