Saturday, December 8, 2012

All About Fashion

Hi and welcome everyone to my first blog. I wanted to create a fashion blog because I just love all types of fashion and I have great taste. On my blog I put up interesting fashion, products I like, art, and etc to share with my fellow viewers. My dream is to become a fashion designer or work in the fashion Industry one day.

 Italy spring fashion.
Pop art dress from Alice + Olivia.

On the runway this sequin dress will be perfect for a holiday fancy party. 

Spring Vogue edition in 2012 look. 

 Southern Bell classy fashion. 
Sweet and Classy spring outfit.

Hot spring floral high fashion ready to wear.

Finally at they made a sweater out of the famous book called "The Great Gatsby" by F.Scott.Fritzgerald

Off the runway, this sexy island look is perfect to wear when going on vacation.

Boho chic casual look to wear when going shopping.

A country get away lace maxi dress that you can get on www,

I love anything with animal print and I just had to blog this ankle bootie that I saw on

This beautiful lace detail is perfect to have.
My favorite fashion name brand Gucci fall wear for 2013 all about going green.

Runway look of Labor Day outfit to wear in 2013.

 Another high fashion look to wear to special event in the summer 2013.

Talking about high fashion, great cheetah print gown to wear in the summer in 2013.

Beautiful Floral Dress to wear in the spring or fall.
Think pink and wear this scarf. Go to

Just go with the flow by wearing the classic print leggings.

Go with a polka dot leggings with a LBD.

Rose Leggings are a hot trend to were for fall with cute pumps.

Fall Outfit 2012. Bring in back the classic preppy look. Go to to get this.

Summer sandal to wear in 2013.
Hot spring dress to wear in Miami, FL

This is my favorite quote by Audrey Hepburn.
1950's vintage fashion throw back.