Thursday, December 27, 2012

For The Home

Under the sea vases.

A big flower pillow decoration.
Looking for a cool drawer to put your clothes? Try this British style drawer. (

Old fashion living room style. 

 This high tech lamp you can use for your Ipad, MP3 Player and etc. You can listen to your favorite music at night or in the morning  Also charges while you are listening to your music. (

If your a person that loves Betty Boop, yo would love this room style.

Classic relaxing refreshing colors in this room is perfect to have.

Fun Comic Pillows (

"At least the dog likes whatever I cook" ( 

"We had to give the children away ... Mr.Puddingstone was allergic". ( 

" How to make it look like an accident". ( 

Cool Flower Vases ( 

Another cool flower vase to have in your home. (