Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tasty Foods From All Around The World

Tasty cupcakes that are great for a birthday party.  
 Look at these golden brown doughnuts. 
 There is nothing like some good golden brown butter rolls for in the moring. 
Crispy toast with strawberries, and some powder sugar. 
Look at this tasty and delecious dessert. It's strawberry shortcake with cripsy bread, fresh strawberries, and some whip cream. 

Fresh items of food in this restraunt that I found online.  

Old fashion cooking in a stone oven that is stir fry. 

Get excited when cooking by adding a little wine into this stir fry mix.

Italin spaggetti with tomatoes, zuccani, and shrimp.  

Another strawberry shortcake style.  

This juicy pork, with grill red onions and mash poatoes is great for dinner. 

Check out the pastel colors of this tasty frozen yogurt treat. 

It is easy as one, two, three just get some yogurt and put it in a cup, add some fruit, and freeze it about 4 hours, and now you have a healthy tasty treat.

Home made Valentine donuts with sprinkles. 
A fancy dinner on the plat that has tender stakes, crisp onions  grill peppers  and side of mash potatoes 
 Special edition of "The Hampton Popcorn" Company that has original butter, cheese, and caramel popcorn. 

If your looking for a tasty cold treat? Try this peach orange ice cream. 

Try a healthy lunch by eating a chicken sandwich with spinach , tomatoes, and chicken. On the side we have some fresh French Fries and dipping sauce.