Friday, February 22, 2013

Hippister, Hippie, Tribe, Chic, and Boho

Runway boho chic fall look. 

Casual lace top and print 

Floral maxi dress you can get at 

Tye dye dress. 

Floppy hat anf floral dress is great to wear in spring. 

Floral maxi dress.

Casual boho look. 

Tye Dye maxi dress, with ankle booties, floppy hat is great for this spring.

Hippie chic dress with fur vest is a hot trend to wear.  

Take a look at this cool style.

Aztec Hippie Style.

Casual crop top, sheer maxi skirt, tan booties.

Lace maxi dress is great for the summer .

Cut out maxi dress is the new style for the summer 2013.